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TO DATE The filming of dangerous or elusive animals has been confined to a world of limited perspective and conventional techniques, where big zoom lenses rule. Some close up video has been captured, but during aggressive moments where the animal and the videographer were placed in unfortunate unsafe circumstances. Sadly, often the safety of the animal is the last concern. The BubbleCam is here to change all that.bubblecam_with_base

TOO DANGEROUS The BubbleCam is constructed of super-tough materials capable of withstanding incredible shocks and pressures. Engineered with a very high margin of safety utilizing continuous curved surfaces, antibacterial materials, and aircraft grade hardware. These combined technologies allows us to film animals which have always been off limits to anything but zoom photography. At times, only fractions of an inch separate our lens from the nose of some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

savannah-bites-dome2TOO TIMID Some animals are so illusive or cautious of humans that close up video was captured only with a massive lens and infinite patience. The BubbleCam has proven itself innocuous enough to the species to bring them calmly close up. Such video adds a totally new perspective for educational studies such as behavioral science and classroom observations. Equipped with night-vision and under-water capabilities, even animals of the dark waters are open to close up video capture.

TOO FUN Designed and built for big animals such as lions, tigers and bears sometimes we just can’t resist the opportunity to just have some fun. The little guys seem to never fail to entertain us when we put the BubbleCam into their enclosures. Interaction from the curious to the cautious and sometimes bizarre is captured from a point of view never before seen. Simply shoving a camera in an animal’s face is not only hazardous to the animal but also usually results in the same familiar images. Not the BubbleCam.

This video clip (Bubblecam Debut) is from the BubbleCam’s debut filming day. Actually, the first hour. What a way to begin!

This footage was filmed inside the China Exhibit at the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium in Memphis, Tennessee USA Special thanks to the Memphis Zoo staff and administration for their invaluable assistance.

For information regarding footage or scheduling, email:  info@bubblecam.net

phone: 800-489-1759

The BubbleCam, designed and built by Cetacea Sound, Inc. (http://www.cetacea.com)

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